Soap videos

These soap making and natural product videos were made to complement the book, Soaps, Bubbles & ScrubsEach video shows the step by step process outlined in the book’s recipes. 

Pg 18: Hand-made body butter

Pg 27: Sweet dreams body lotion

Pg 31: Revitalizing balm

Pg 43: Smoothing foot treatment mask

Pg 52: Rose petal bath fizz balls

Pg 52: Lavender flower bath fizzies

Pg 67: Strawberry vitality mask

Pg 88: Soothing baby bum cream

Pg 96: Magical bath fizzies

Pg 103: Grease and unmould cold-processed soap

Pg 103: How to cut soap

Pg 107: French lavender soap

Pg 115: Spirulina, basil and peppermint soap

Pg 132: Classic linen spray

Pg 136: Citronella and lemongrass candles

Pg 146: Dry skin relief cream